In 1981 Baglietto Tardio family founded EASO’s first student accommodation in the 8th floor of a building placed in Gran via street in Madrid. Due to the Vasque origin of the owners of the accommodation, these were named EASO, word used to refer to the city of San Sebastián (Guipúzcoa) and which comes from greek mythology: EASO goddess.

The aim was to host Spanish university students who would have basic domestic matters resolved and so would be able to dedicate enough time to study while living in a social environment, exempt from paternalism, in which freedom and responsibility were fostered. Due to the popularity of the accommodation, that same year EASO expanded to the 7th floor in the same building in Gran Vía.


At the same time, we developed a program of intensive courses of Spanish during the summer, combining this way accommodation and the immersion of foreigners in the Spanish culture and language.

Through summer Spanish courses, EASO met foreign students and so decided to both increase the number of rooms and create another kind of accommodation adapted to other cultures. Consequently, in 1993 EASO founded Callao student accommodation: a shared flat but with the organization of a student hall of residence.

The success of this last project encouraged the restructuration of Gran Vía residences into this new system and the inauguration in 1998 of EASO’s Chinchilla student accommodation, placed right next to Puerta del Sol and EASO’s Ópera Student Accommodation in 2000.

Our current offer, which started as a small family business and now has 5 own student accomodation flats in the centre of Madrid, it is not just accommodation but also the 30-year-long experience in good treatment and enriching contact with experiences of students from all over the world.