Residents will have to comply with the residence rules, which have been designed to make the living-together easier for students:

In EASO there are no time restrictions. Every student is given a complete set of keys when they arrive so that they can come and go as they please. We recommended you to keep your room locked. If the keys are lost, the resident will have to pay to have a copy of them. (See Loss of keys).

EASO’s facilities are for the exclusive use of our residents. Students’ friends or family can not use our services. Pets and bicycles are not allowed in our accommodation.

There is a rotation system for collecting the rubbish and cleaning the kitchen and the living room, which every room will have to do once a week. Residents will have to wash up all the equipment they have used in the kitchen after every meal. The kitchenware that may remain dirty for more than one day will be removed; the student will be able to get it back paying 5 euros.

The monthly price does not include accommodation for friends or family in the room. If a resident would like to host someone in the room for a few days, he or she will have to request permission from the EASO administration and then confirm the booking. (See Guests’ housing).

Students can not exchange their rooms without the authorization of Easo’s Administration because it affects the reservations of later dates.

It is not permitted to leave the room to another student, friend or family. The acceptation of the requests as well as the processing of the reservations are exclusively made by Easo.

No running or door slamming is allowed. Music must be listened to at an appropriate volume which does not disturb the other residents’ study or rest. After 10h30 pm, headphones must be used. It is not permitted to throw parties or host meetings in the residences nor in the rooms.

Residents can have music system and a computer in their rooms. It is forbidden to have electric stoves, heaters or other electrical appliances that may cause fires. Any damage to the furniture of the residence or the room, which is not due to ordinary wear and tear, will be charged directly to the account of the resident that caused the damage and deducted from the deposit. If the responsible for the damage may remain unknown, the cost of the damage will affect all the residents in the flat.

Friends or relations can visit the residence during the day and until 10h30 pm. From this hour on it is forbidden any type of party which could bother other students or neighbours.

From 11pm it’s forbidden to cook in order not to disturb the students.

Smoking, use of illegal substances and alcohol is prohibited in the whole residence (rooms, common areas, etc.) and in the building.

At the end of the stay, the student must leave its room clean, without trash and the forniture as it was before. If he/she doesn’t leave the room this way, the deposit will not be returned.

EASO reserves the right to ask any student that does not comply with these rules to leave the residence.

Loss of keys

In case of the loss of keys, you will have to pay 25,00 € for the copies.

Guests’ housing

The stay of students’ family or friends will be exceptional and with the following condition:

1. Previous information and authorization of EASO’s office.
2. It will only be permitted one guest for student and a maximum of two nights.
3. In double rooms the stay of guests will not be permitted without the permission of the companion of room.
4. The stay will be payed in advanced.
5. When the guest arrives, he/she must give a photocopy of his/her passport or DNI.

Price for guests: 20,00 euro/ night