Application for accomodation

EASO’s offer accommodation is limited. Before confirming your booking, please check availability by filling in the Application Form , giving the exact dates of your stay (arrival and departure dates) and type of room chosen.

Formalization of reservation

After EASO has confirmed if accommodation is available, the management will give you the “BOOKING FORM”, which you will have to fill out to formalize payment. Please indicate your preassigned pre-booking number on the form.

Booking amount

All months -including first and last month- must be fully paid, no matter when the arrival and check-out date is. We do not accept payment by days.

In order to stay in our residences during the academic year, between September and June, a deposit of one month and the payment of the first month of your stay is required.

In order to stay in our residences in the summer, between July anda August, a deposit of one week and the whole payment of you stay is required.

The deposit will be returned to you 15 days of the end of the stay, after the handing of the keys by bank transfer to your account or by payment to your credit card.

The deposit will not be returned if the student leaves the room before the end of the booking is he/she cancels the booking or if the room is not left in perfect conditions.

Form of payment

By credit card, filling in the details on the booking form. By bank transfer to EASO, sending the bank receipt by email together with the printed booking form and indicating the preassigned pre-booking number.

Booking confirmation

As soon as we receive the BOOKING FORM and payment receipt, booking will be confirmed by e-mail.

Arrival and departure

At the beginning of the reservation the room will be available from 12:00 A.M. When the student arrives, he/she must hand in a photocopy of the ID or Passport, a photo and will sign the contract.

At departure the student must leave the room at 11:00 A.M, and will have to leave the keys to the person in charge. The student must leave its room clean, without rubbish and the furniture the way it was at the beginning of the stay. If you fail to do so, the deposit will not be returned.


Booking cancellation.

If you cancel your booking before, during or after your stay, or if you do not occupy the room you will not have the right to a refund of the current month nor the deposit. And you will have to notice to EASO with one month in advance. If you do not leave the room in perfect conditions, you will not have the right to the refund either.

Extension of your stay.

Once the reservation is confirmed by Easo, the room is available exclusively for the dates previously requested, both the arrival and exit dates. If you want to stay longer is indispensable to make another request for our availability. If you want to come before you will also have to do this

If you arrive before the booking date, EASO will be able to change the date as long as there are vacances.

Delay in the arrival

If you arrive late, the amount of the monthly payment will start from the initial date of the booking confirmation.

Early leaving

If you leave before the date of the end of the booking, you will not have the right to a refund of the current month nor the deposit and you will have to notice to EASO with one month in advance.